On my birthday, I spent an hour mending an 11 year old tee shirt that was full of holes and deemed only good for bedtime.  Now, it it may last me another year of wear.


These jeans are not very old, barely a year.  But I wear them all the time and they have several rips.  So I had to patch these too.



Little Sewer

I found a toy sewing machine at Value Village for the kids.  It sort of works!  Here is Oliver making a blankie for his baby Lucy.  12814785_10156620519850215_2325386400986992009_nSewing lessons for kids:  Introduction to the sewing machine.  Practice straight lines.  Patchwork project.  Advanced sewing:  making your own clothes.  Toy design and construction.  Accessories:  hats & bags.  Multiple sessions.  $40/2 hours.