Pants Alterations

Finishing up some alterations on the waistband of some tailored dress pants, getting my client ready for the party season!  If you need your waistbands taken in or out, now is the time to get in touch with me.



Back to Bias

Making bias tape to refurbish some worn out pillow piping for a client.  Its good to be back to Sewing & Alterations after a month of toys and craft shows.  My clients are so patient!  Thank you all for waiting.  15400966_10157898841765215_4389194299052464324_n.jpg

Hand Wraps for Cross Fit

Today I made some hand wraps for a cross fit athlete who lives in the neighbourhood.  Using the tape samples she brought me and some amazing waxed or rubberized cotton fabric, hopefully these hand wraps will stand up to some abuse.  Triple layered at the palm and I added wrist bands with velcro so she doesn’t have to tape them on every time.

Seeing Red

Finally finished Julia’s chair and foot stool slip covers. Julia chose the red Lenda fabric from Ikea.  At only $6/ metre, it is very affordable!  The whole thing is removable and machine wash and dry-able.


At the same time, a maid of honour dress for Che had to be altered from a size 8 to a size 2.  Straps were shortened, sides were taken in and the whole dress was hemmed.  Beading and sequence was sewn back on after alterations.  Its a stunning dress!


Zipper Replacement

Do you have a perfectly good winter jacket with a broken zipper?  My friend Vicky did and I just finished fixing her son’s jacket.  Sometimes you can repair a zipper without having to replace the whole thing.  This was not the case here.  A trip downtown to the best zipper store in the city, Leather Town, and I had a great quality, heavy duty zipper for outer wear. After removing the old zipper, I hand basted the new zipper in before machine stitching it all into place.

Sewing Social

Making Wiksten Tanks with Lu, Cath and Carla at Lu’s house.  We got a lot done in two hours including cutting the pattern, cutting fabric, sewing pockets and sewing the main tank.  Finishing is all that is left to do!  Can’t wait to see them on!13501699_10157089875205215_195537964621602623_n.jpg

Luke Costume

Sketches for a new Luke Skywalker costume.  I followed the design from A New Hope and used fewer seams around the arms.  I can’t wait to see it on Crew!  Made for his 7th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Crew!  His mom Alyson requested the robe too.  Found the perfect brown fabric at the Textile Bazaar fundraiser for the Textile Museum.


Ready for Summer

My friend Candace asked me to alter her very nice dress pants which she had unfortunately ripped a hole on the knee last March.  Finally, on a gorgeous long weekend in May, they are done.  Because they were tapered, I had to add some fabric to the inseam so it would lay flat and cuff nicely.